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MIS 1/29

Bowling Alone
pg. 29


This quote really stuck out to me because of the point of my life I am currently in. Job seeking, internship seeking, and searching for opportunities to get ahead in the business world are thoughts that constantly run through my mind. I definitely agree with the age old theory of it's not what you know, it's who you know. It has held true in my life on multiple occasions. It is how I got the great job I do, how I've found out about many helpful opportunities, and met many influential people. I believe that in order to get your foot in the door it is all about who you know, but from then on it depends on your knowledge and personality.



My name is Pati. I am a sophomore at UW-Madison majoring in Art and hopefully Journalism. I am from Brazil, have lived in Madison for 4 years.

I sing and play guitar in a band with friends from high school. I love singing, dancing, beach volleybal and tie dye.

Mayumi's Introduction

Hey, I'm Mayumi. I'm a freshman from Minneapolis and as of right now I have no idea what I'll be studying. I love to travel and meet new people and after my four undergraduate years at Madison I want to go to Africa and do the peace corps. The cute little kid in my picture is my little brother.


Hi I'm Ally Esch. I'm from Stoughton, WI and a freshman here at the UW, currently living in Witte A. I love singing and working. I plan on majoring in Biology and hope to study abroad in England or Australia someday.

Introduction: Yufei Gao

Hey, my name is Yufei Gao. I am from China. I am currently studying business in University of Wisconsin Madison. This is my 2nd year in America. I enjoy my life in Madison but I also miss my friends and Chinese food very much.


I'm a freshman at Madison this year, this being my second semester. Most of my family went to Madison, so I guess it's not really a surprise I ended up here. I probably would've enjoyed somewhere warmer, but that would've meant giving up being a badger, so here I am.

I'm undecided on a major, but slowly trying to figure out one. So far I seem to be leaning towards an English degree. I enjoy doing yoga and reading long novels and curling up under blankets on cold days.

Mike D

My name is Mike and I'm from just outside Philadelphia, PA. I plan on applying to the business school but am still very unsure of what I want to pursue. My favorite things to do in my free time are play basketball, soccer, and discover new music. Badgers are cool.

I should add that I'm one of the select few World Series Champions here in Madison.

Megan-Intro to me!


My name is Megan L. and I am a student in the class LIS 202. I am currently a freshman at UW-Madison and am originally from Minnesota. I plan to go into the medical field after I am done with school. I'm very excited to begin blogging for this class!

Laura O'Connell

Hi, I'm Laura. I am originally from Whitefish Bay, WI, and a freshman at Madison, majoring in English with an emphasis in Literature. I like to read, and my favorite books are "The Fountainhead," by Ayn Rand, and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," by Betty Smith. I also love football, and my favorite team is the Packers (of course). I am interested in studying Library Science in the future as well. (My siblings and I are tailgating before the OSU game in this picture).

A Little Intro...

Hey guys!

My name is Emily and I am a student in LIS 202. Throughout the semester, I will be adding more to this blog about many different things. I am a student at UW-Madison and I plan to become a psychologist. I am so excited to give this blogging a try!


Hello everyone, my name is Aaron. I am a junior, Political Science major. Before studying at UW I was a Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy. After I finish my Undergraduate Degree, I intend to pursue a Master's Degree (though I am not sure where yet).

Picture: I'm on the left (I have a Browning 9mm, but it is hard to see against the coat). My older brother Mac is on the right (with the Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum).


Olivia Intro.

I am currently a sophomore here at UW hoping to major in Marketing and MHR. I am active in AKPsi, a professional business coed fraternity, Underclassman Outreach Committee, and have a great job at Sonic Foundry. I love playing any sort of sport, especially volleyball and raquetball. I am planning on studying abroad Spring 2010 semester in New Zealand, I absolutely cannot wait!! I am from a very small town, Ellsworth, WI which is just about an hour east of Minneapolis, MN. My family has a dairy farm with cows, horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. My favorite food is ice cream and any sort of fruit, and of course chocolate :)


My name is Drew Rebecca Wallsworth. I am a sophomore. I am majoring in Creative Writing/English. An interesting fact about me is that I have lived in Germany for the last nine years. I have also lived in Italy, England, and Guam when I was younger.

Intro Post

My name is Jeremy David Adler. I am a current Freshman at the University of Wisconsin living in Witte B.

In the future, I'd like to gain admission to the School of Business and eventually the Law School here in Madison.

Joe Baltus

Hey, My name is Joe Baltus. I'm originally from Seymour, Wisconsin. I'm a freshman this year and am hoping get into the business school for next fall and pursue a degree in finance.

Bill's Intro

My name is Bill and I'm a senior studying Soil Science. I'm a pretty typical college student that goes out with friends. I'm starting my masters degree this summer here at UW. My career goal is to get a PhD and become a professor. So I have about 5 more years of college ahead of me.

Kyle Pulvermacher

My name is Kyle Pulvermacher, and I am from Waunakee, Wisconsin. I am currently a senior in the Mechanical Engineering department. I work in the COE Student Shop, and I enjoy snowboarding during my winter free time.

Dave Winn

I'm a junior at UW-Madison. I am currently in between majors switching to Religious Studies. I am from Montreal, WI a town of 836 people. I'm a cancer I enjoy long walks on the beach and ultimate Frisbee.

Intro from Sammy

Hey, I am a sophomore from New Jersey. I do not currently have a major but I'm leaning towards Journalism or Business. I ride horses on the UW Equestrian Team and am a part of the business frat, AKPsi.

John's intro post

Hi. I am John. This is my post. I am struggling to figure out something to write so I'll just point out a couple of things i am finding interesting. For those of you that have checked out the room, i am looking at a poster of Rosie O'Donnell reading a Beverly Cleary novel. Like that would ever happen...

This is me in a Stetson Cologne ad.

Rebecca W

I'm Rebecca W and I am a freshman, Pre-business student. I am originally from Brookfield, Wi. I work at Peet's Coffee and Tea in the Memorial Union. We have the freshest coffee around and delicious Valentine's Day pumpkin bars. Everyone should stop by and check it out!

Kris Roug

Hi! I am currently a first-year student housed in Witte Hall. My plans are to be admitted into the School Of Business and I may be interested in majoring in Marketing. I also plan to double major in Communication Arts with a focus on film and digital editing.

If all else fails and I don't get into the School of Business, I don't really know what I will plan to do with my life, :-(.

Heya from Zach

I would say that one of my favorite activities in summer time is to go wreck diving. I've only managed to dive four wrecks so far, and one was more a rubble field than an actual wreck. But standing on the deck of an intact wreck, just wow. I definitely recommend the experience.

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Welcome to LIS 202-Section 305. Within the next little while, you should have received an invitation in your UW email account to create a Blogger account. Please take a moment to create that account by following the provided link. If you choose to use an account other than your UW email, please choose one you check and use regularly!

Once you've done that, please post your own intro post. Consider including an appropriate picture of you, a favorite pet, or something that represents you (inanimate objects should be chosen sparingly). Then share something about you that you'd like your classmates to know. This could be where you're from, what you are studying in school, or favorite activities or interests outside of class.

When you're all done, use the "Labels" field at the bottom to identify your post as "intro"; this will help us all navigate the posts later on:

Good luck, and welcome to LIS 202-305!