Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie Response - Prompt 4

The thing I found most blaring to me from the video is that they started a school, New Tech High, that incorporated no athletics, extracurriculars, or even a library. I can see where the good intentions are coming from, but eliminating sports also eliminates lots and lots of skills that these children need in the future. Competition is a huge experience that children need to encounter to be successful in the career fields these days. Finding jobs isn't as easy as it used to be, nowadays, you have to win the job to get the job. And losing is just as important of a lesson as winning, you have to experience these events in a lifetime to be completely successful. But I could go on an on about how athletics can make you more viable for a job in the future. The simple fact is that the implications of losing athletics can be simply robust. New Tech High just doesn't seem like a complete high school to me, instead, it seems like it would suffice as a very very nice branch to a high school. These days, it seems like that is what is being done. Nice high schools seem to come equipped with a very souped up computer lab for the students. Ones that these days, rival that of New Tech High.

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