Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movie Response

#5 Wildcard: For this prompt, come up with a response addressing moments that resonated strongly with you in the film (refer to your notes). Consider relating what you saw to your own high school experience. Did things look familiar? Radically different? Naively outdated?

What resonated the most with me was the tech school in Silicon Valley. I had no idea a school like that existed. I have always thought my school was technologically advanced for a school. I am now realizing that we did not even have enough computers for every student. Whereas the tech school had more computers than they did students. I was amazed with how much they learn in computers and how they are set up with business people to learn more and to get a foot in the door when it comes to careers.
I started to feel a little cheated by my high school as I watched the video on the digital divide. My high school focused on a rounded education, but other than sports they were not known for one particular achievement. Not being a sports person, I feel like I would have had a lot more opportunities if I had attended a school like the tech school in the Silicon Valley. Many high schools focus on a rounded education, so I don't feel that by having one it makes me any more different than any other high school graduate.
I will admit that there are differences that worked out in my favor. Since it was not a school focused purely on technology, I did get a well rounded education and I got to experience many different things. The tech school only seemed to have technology related classes. That does not give the students very many opportunities to try new things to get a feel for what they may be interested in. Having the opportunity to try different classes I was able to jump around from career option to career option in high school before deciding what I wanted to do. There are also a lot of social activities I feel the tech school is missing out on as well. So, they do have more technological advances and do have more opportunities when it comes to being placed in jobs, but my high school had a rounded curriculum and had what I feel should be the high school experience.

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