Friday, March 20, 2009

Today, I was doing some work for my dad's construction company. I had to call companies he works with and make sure we had their current email address. As I was making the calls, I came across a company where the owner informed me that he didnt have an email address. He explained to me that due to the location of the company, the didnt have access to the Internet and it was too expanesive for them to drive to a location that did and check the email everyday. Instead, they just ask people to contact them by phone. He said that they were hoping to somehow get email in the near future and they would inform my dad's company as soon as they did. I found it interesting that the company was able to survive without email. I know that my dad's company sends out all their information via email and that is how they receive information as well. I wonder if this company isnt receiving this important information or if other companies are all taking the time to call them each time there is an update.

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