Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie Response-Prompt 5

While watching the movie, I was shocked by how much time the students at New Tech High spend on the computer. It seemed like every classroom in the school contained computers or another technological device. My high school had computer labs available to us as well as computers available to us in our school;s library, but very few of our classes were dependent on computers like many of theirs seemed to be.

My high school offered only five or six classes that worked with computers and I wish we had more. I would have loved to have been able to enhance my computer skills while in high school and left feeling confident in my technological skills like the students at New Tech High were. Also, I thought it was great to see all the internships that New Tech High offered there students. It allowed them to put the skills they gained in school to use and made their learning come alive. It would be awesome to have that type of opportunity to get a feel for what the work force is like and to explore what careers you may be interested in pursuing in the future.

I was surprised to hear that New Tech High doesn't contain any books in their library--it is all online. I feel like I would struggle not being able to just flip open a book when doing research, but I'm sure that once you adjust to this system it would be really useful and convenient. I wish the video would have showed the thoughts of the students on this system and whether or not they preferred this or having books.

I found it interesting how Travis seemed to blame his old friends lack of plans after high school on the fact that they attended the public school and not New Tech High. I attended the public school near my house and most of the students attending my school had very promising post graduation plans. Travis expressed that since he changed schools, he feels him and his friends have different attitudes about life. I don't think what school you attend, but more so how motivated you are to plan your life and how much support you have from your friends and family.

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