Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prompt 5 Response

In the movie "Crossing the Divide," it was clear how financially disadvantaged neighborhoods and families often have harder time finding access to the internet in addition to many other tools to further their education. 
This was probably what came to my attention and what I identified the most with in my high school. Kids who come from lower income families who did not grow up in this environment or whose parents' jobs do not necessarily require it - have a harder time adjusting this technology to their daily activities and lives. So from that perspective, what the movie showed was very similar to my high school. 
The movie also touched on the fact that there are other issues influencing their trajectory to a better future in which technology cannot solve. In my opinion, at least from what I experienced when I went to my high school as a sophomore coming from Brazil, there's just not enough motivation to go to college afterwards or even to get a diploma. There are very low academic expectations for minorities such as latinos from parents, counselors - that blended with the peer pressure to avoid school - makes it very challenging for a latino to pursue a good academic path.  
Technology of course does not provide an ultimate solution for it, attitude amongst other things plays a huge role on it - however, what I felt that helped me a lot through high school to not fall away on my path to college was information. I felt that I was informed of my opportunities and chances for the future while some of other classmates seemed not aware of the different possible futures they could pursue. I learned a lot of the information through the internet. 
So just as information helped a lot of these kids from the film become successful in the workforce, it does not guarantee it - it is just a tool. As a proof of that are the other kids who had other factors (such as financial problems or peer pressure) weigh heavier in their decisions. I saw the same things in my high school with peers, and in my opinion, attitude is the most important factor although internet and other information tools are absolutely essential in influencing attitude - and maximizing an individual's productivity on a workforce.

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