Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exam 2 review

How does Warschauer define access?
  • Ownership of a computing device is only a part of ICT access. ICT access also requires connection to the Internet as well as the skills and understanding to use the computer and the Internet socially valued ways
What set of features and technologies describe the various industrial revolutions?
  • The first industrial revolution followed the invention of the steam engine in the eighteenth century and was characterized by the replacement of hand tools by machines, mostly in small terized by the replacement of hand tools by machines, mostly in small workshops.
  • The second followed the harnessing of electricity in the nineteenth century and was characterized by the development of large-scale factory production.
  • The third revolution came to fruition in the 1970s with the diffusionof the transistor, the personal computer, and the telecommunications.
Define and understand the concept of informationalism.
  • Informationalism represents a third industrial revolution. It has four features: the driving role of science and technology for economic growth; a shift from material production to information processing; the emergence and expansion of new forms of networked industrial organization; and the rise of socioeconomic globalization.

What are the new categories of workers? What do they do?

  • In person service workers( janitors, hospital attendants, taxi drivers) routine production workters ( data processors, payroll clerks, and factory workers) symbolic analysts ( software engineers, management consultants, strategic planners)
  • They may use computers or the Internet in their jobs, but the first two do so in routine ways, whereas the last make use of ICT for analysis and interpretation of data; creation of new knowledge; international communication and collaboration; and development of complex mutimedia products.

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