Thursday, April 30, 2009

By: Cassy, Ally, Olivia, Megan, Kris, and Dave


  1. Haha, although I submitted quite late. I did actually contribute a little to this video with editing and posting.

  2. Kris played a huge role in editing the film and without him our video wouldn't be half as cool, thanks Kris! On the same note, I felt as if everyone worked together in coming up with the base idea, with Ally, Megan, and I asking the interviewees the questions while Cassy filmed and Dave was obviously a part of the film. I felt we all had fun working on the project and we are all so excited about the results.

    My specific roles included...
    -asking the interviewees the questions
    -formulating some of the questions
    -some overall help with ideas for the editing of the video

  3. Like Olivia said, Kris played a big role in the film editing. I am very happy with my group members, I felt that we al contributed to make our video. I think it was Dave who actually came up with the Normalization vs. Stratification idea (i'm pretty sure) and he was also in the video. Olivia, Megan, and I asked the questions while Cassy filmed the entire video. We all brought litle ideas to the film and I felt we all had a good time doing this project.

    My specific roles: (Basically the same as Olivia)
    *making up some questions
    *ideas aboout the film editing and transitions
    *asking people questions
    *making the normalization and stratification graphs

  4. Everyone did a great job in participating in this video, I think it turned out very well. I could not ask for a better group!

  5. As mentioned above, everyone contributed to make the video. However, if it was not for Kris's amazing skills, our video would not be the same. He did all the editing. Olivia, Ally, and Megan conducted the interviews, while I videotaped the footage. Dave was one of the lucky "video" stars who was interviewed. Overall, we all put time and effort to do this project. And as Ally said, we all had a good time working together.

  6. Our group worked extremely well together and everyone helped to make the video a success. Everyone helped with either interviewing, making up questions, figuring out the outline of the video, or appearing in it as a subject...and Kris did so much extra work with all of the editing! Overall, we had a wonderful time!
    My specific roles included:
    asking questions to the subjects
    helping to think up the questions to ask
    some insight on the outline of the video.

  7. I am not in this group. This is the best video I have ever seen in my entire life. WOW!!!!

    Kris, you must have edited videos in high school or something. You should move to LA and see if they need any editors if this whole college thing doesn't work out.

    Great job guys

  8. By the way that intro looks like a TV commercial or something. Very great ideas, very impressive.

  9. Right so we all had a hand in coming up with the idea and the questions, brainstorming things, and going out and making the magic. Kris was pretty much the man with his hardcore vid skills and we were lucky to have him with us. As for me... well I played myself in the vid... sort of.