Monday, April 6, 2009

Exam 2: Main Points From Crossing the Divide

  • In order to thrive in the new workplace, it's important to understand the digital divide because technology is the "gateway to the new economy"
  • Showed that access to a computer at a young age was critical to success later on (in suburbs access was usually higher than intercity neighborhoods)
  • Communicated that blue-collar jobs no longer support a family and that the manufacturing age is over; information jobs are taking over and there are new skills needed in order to be successful in those fields
  • New Tech High School: created by educators and business people who wanted to prepare students technologically to succeed in the business world and provide them with connections and opportunities with jobs right out of high school. It was a project based curriculum where kids worked mainly in groups. They didn't, however, support extra curriculars and the library had no books. This brought up some criticism because some believe that a well-rounded education is important and that "schools shouldn't be about making a living but about making a life."
  • Barriers to main characters: economic status, language/cultural barriers, race, and lack of access to technology/information (mainly at a young age)

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