Monday, April 6, 2009

Exam Review #2

Understand the difference between stratification and normalization as it relates to technological diffusion

Both are theories of how the internet will diffuse into the rest of society
  • Normalization
Optimistic view
Those who adapt to innovations early will be ahead of the curve and at the beginning social inequalities will widen the digital divide.
However, gap only temporary as eventually penetration will become saturated and prices will drop making the technology more readily available to everyone
The gap then closes and everyone is equal and on the same level technology wise.
  • Stratification
Pessimistic view
Those already well networked with technology will maintain their edge and those lagging behind will always be at a disadvantage.
The digital divide will never close

What are the characteristics of people who are most likely to be online?
The most general characteristics include...
  • White
  • Educated
  • Young
Other characteristics like gender do not play as big of a part. However, social class can greatly affect individual's access and capability to use the internet as well.

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