Sunday, April 5, 2009

Information Society

van Dijk, J. and Hacker, K. (2003). The digital divide as a complex and dynamic phenomenon. Information Society, 19:315-326.

How does van Dijk define access?

From pg 315—316
1.“Lack of elementary digital experience caused by lack of interest, computer anxiety, and unattractiveness of the new technology (“mental access”)”
2.“No possession of computers and network connections (“material access”)”
3.“Lack of digital skills caused by insufficient user friendliness and inadequate education or social support (“skills access”)”
4.“Lack of significant usage opportunities (“usage access”)”

What are the different types of digital skills?

From pg 319
Instrumental skills: “the ability to operate hardware and software”
Informational skills: “operating digital equipment and…searching information using digital hardware and software”
Strategic skills: “using information for one’s own purpose and position”

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