Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LIS Video Project by Sec. 305 - Group 1

This video's focus is on where UW-Madison students prefer to study, what their favorite third place is, and if any of these habits have changed since they first started school here.

Video by Jeremy, Jessica, Emily, Bill, Kyle, and Rebecca



  1. I participated in the production of this short film basically by working as a team member. We all worked in the creative process together and I helped narrow our video down to what we wanted just like everyone else.

    We split up the interviewing equally and I did my part. After the filming was completed, I helped to upload the content online for our editor to get at. Throughout the editing process, I along with everyone else communicated with him and expressed our thoughts. Overall, the final product is a good combination of our teamwork.

  2. I feel like everyone actively participated in the making of this video, which helped the process to run smoothly.

    I helped by contributing ideas as to what I thought our video should be about and, once we'd come to a decision, helping to film it. Our group, in order to make the most of our time and to gather a large amount of footage, split into three groups of two, where each group took a camera, went to a different location on campus and interviewed different students. For my group of two, I was responsible for filming the interviewees. Afterward, I helped to upload the different groups footage onto the computer so that Kyle could access it and create it into a video for us.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the result. I think editing-wise, the video turned out great. Idea-wise, I feel it ties in in that it talks about how students view the library, and I feel it's interesting that throughout the interviews, no one mentioned needing to go to libraries to access Internet or technology. It was all either to study or meet friends.

  3. I contributed to the project by initially contributing my ideas as to what I thought our group should do the project on. Once we decided on an idea, I helped come up with questions that we could ask during the interview and made a list of the questions for each of our small groups to take.
    Then, we split up into small groups and each did separate interviews. This was able to give everyone a chance to contribute equally and it also gave us lots of footage to choose from.
    Lastly, after Kyle created the video, I gave him some ideas as to what text should be added to the film.
    I feel as though everyone in our group worked hard and we were able to communicate well and get the project done smoothly.

  4. Like everyone else has stated, the initial part of the project was completely a group effort. Bill and I completed interviews with seven different people around campus. After the videos were uploaded to learn@uw, I began editing and organizing the 15 different interviews we had collected in total. The editing process took much longer than I had expected. After all the clips were organized and clipped, I sent out a link to the rough edited video and asked the members of the group to type up an into, segment explanations, and a conclusion. Not much initiative was taken and after not getting much feed back (although I did get some vague feedback), I formulated a basic version of these segments for the video and also incorporated a push over video effect. Compiling the video and compressing it to a different format took hours, and posting was also a hassle. Overall the participation was relatively equal, but some additional communication and feedback would have been nice to have before posting the video online.

  5. I contributed to this film by interviewing 8 people. I also created the MyWebSpace to which the video clips could be downloaded.