Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video Group #4


Our video focuses on what we found on our trip to the Madison Public Library,

By: Laura, Aaron, Mike, Drew, and Yufei


  1. I contributed with parts of the idea of the project, editing the film, and putting together the video. At first we planned on comparing the filters at a UW campus library and the Madison Public Library. However, I was very surprised to find that the Public library did not have filters on their computers. It seemed that any patron with a library card could basically search anything on the library's computers as long as they did not download anything. Furthermore, the overall impression of the Madison Public Library was very lackluster. This branch is the central Madison branch, and is very unimpressive. I'm from Milwaukee, and the central library there is in the heart of the city, huge, beautiful, and has countless resources. One could probably spend hours there, while about 30 minutes in the Madison library was more than enough to see all it had to offer. Overall, the trip to the Madison Central Public Library opened my eyes to the huge differences in central libraries that are right here in Wisconsin.

  2. I contributed with the idea of what to do for the project, I was one of the students to try the different things at the library and to be filmed doing it, such as getting a library card. As Laura has noted, we were going to do filter, but then we realized that there were not filters on any of the computers. I was told I had to get a library card to use the internet. It was a little difficult to get a library card and they used terms that I didn't even know on the forms. This was very off-putting. I was amazed at how very run down the Madison library seemed. It reminded me of a hospital. Most people try to avoid going to the hospital, so I could not imagine anybody wanting to go to this library. I was even more amazed because Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and there are international representatives that come to this city. The Madison library is also right next to State street, which is a busy part of the city, so naturally it would be expected that the library would be a good library. It wasn't. I was very disappointed and I would not willingly go spend time there. The library at my home is very small. It is only one level and there were not a whole lot of books, but my library was in better condition than the Madison library and it had a larger computer center. There were only about 20 computers, which were used on a first come first served basis. The library was not at all what I was expecting from the capital of Wisconsin.

  3. I contributed to this project by filming our efforts to learn more about the filters used on the computers at the Madison Public Library. As previously stated, it turns out that there are essentially no filters on the computers there. I was also surprised at the lack of computers there.

  4. I contributed by navigating the group to the Madison Public Library and asking the library employees the questions for the information they provided. Also, like others I contributed ideas such as what to film and who to talk to. Finally, I was the one who tested out the computer at MSL and shot the scenes at Memorial Library. Like Drew I was disappointed at the size of the MSL. I was not surprised that it would be small, but I was suprised that it is smaller than the Central Library in Green Bay. The library there is about twice the size for a city of about half the population.

  5. I attend the discussion before making the film and contributed with the general idea of the main topic in our video. As previously stated, we all went to the Madison Public Library to see if there is filer no not. It's kind of surprised to me to find there is no filters at all.
    I personally think Madison Public Library is not a good library and apparently does not have enough resources because we have to wait quite while to actually use the computer.