Monday, April 6, 2009

Midterm review

• What set of features and technologies describe the various industrial revolutions?
• Revolutions:
• 1) Steam engine (18th century) – replacement of hands by tools (machines). Workplace: workshop. Organization structure: serve forever
• 2) Development of large-scale factory (late 19th century) – electricity, telephone, engine (car). Workplace: factories (massive productions), more people involved in labor. Organization structure: large vertical hierarchy, factory, and assembly line.
• 3) Informationalism (late 20th century). Key tech: personal computers, Internet. Workplace: offices. Org structure: horizontal networks
• Define and understand the concept of informationalism – emergence of a new stage of global capitalism. It takes place during the 1970’s with the surging of personal computers and telecommunications. There are four features that distinguish Informationalism:
A) The driving of science and technology of economic growth
B) A shift from material production to information processing
C) The emergence and expansion of new forms of networked industrial organizations
D) A rise of socioeconomic globalization
• What are the new categories of workers (as opposed to the old categories of blue-collar and white-collar workers)? The new categories of workers are A) Routing production workers: labor work just like blue-collar workers
• B) In-person service workers: customer service that requires some knowledge but it is very basic
• C) Symbolic analysts: require knowledge and expertise

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