Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bowling Alone - MIS

My MIS is from the introduction of the book, Bowling Alone, by Robert D. Putman. It is on page 26, line 9, and it states, "perhaps the younger generation today is no less engaged than their predecessors, but engaged in new ways." I found this to be the most interesting segment of the first chapter because it contradicted what many of the statistics conveyed in the previous text. After reading much of what seemed to claim younger generations are not engaged in society, the only thought on my mind was that the author just wasn't looking for the right statistics. His argument seemed heavily weighed to only one perspective. I think today's generations are still engaged, and that it is happening all around us. Just because we not bowling or hanging out at the VFW doesn't say anything about how engaged we are, but rather more about how boring and uninteresting the social activities of the past might seem to younger generations. I had hoped after reading this statement that the author would have gone into more details and statistics relating to how younger generations are engaged in new ways.

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