Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wk. 3 - Race and Place MIS

The "Race and Place" article was particularly interesting for me. Tracie Hall's narrative style created a clear picture of the changing times in her environment. Because of this, I was able to see in vivid detail part of what separates us from our grandparents in terms of society and technology. This week's MIS comes towards the end of the article. It reads: "There we were, in an era where time has become the ultimate commodity, waiting for access, my wireless-ready laptop a privilege made useless there on the wrong side of the tracks." I think this line does a good job of distinguishing two different generations. Nowadays, we have everyday luxuries that make our lives easier and more efficient. Yet, when we take a step back from our loading screens, it seems funny that we have grown to be so dependent on our machines. It is paradoxical how we invented these luxuries to help us with our daily lives, while in reality they hold us back socially and seem to do a good job of consuming people. I think that this sentence does a good job of summarizing this paradox.

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