Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Technology Attracts

In addition, the Internet, which seemed to threaten its reason for being, turns
out to be one of the things that bring people to the library.

Many say that the technology today is driving people away from libraries and such, but this quote shows that technology not only doesn't drive people away, but actually attracts them even more. I believe that in the very near future libraries will not only house internet and computer access. But all technologies out there, including things such as Video Games, Cable T.V., Movie sections, and will not cease to expand from there.

We caught a glimpse of a documentary in class of the library systems in Princeton, NJ. One library had a video game station where anyone was priviledged to simply just play video games. Although at first glance it may seem like a bad idea, but when you look into it more, it was apparent that it attracted children to come into the library and keep them off the streets where it could lead to no good. Getting these children in the library is the first step, after that, they start to get curious and explore.

No one realizes how much some simple technology could attract more folk to libraries. Most of us take these simple things for granted, but there is a lot of people who can't afford cable, internet, or even renting a simple movie or two. I'm a strong believer that knowledge of technology today is just as important as reading. It is the future in which will dictate where this society is headed.


  1. I agree. As long as libraries keep up with technological advances, they can continue to be useful to society. Like you said, there are many people out there who can't afford the simple technologies we use and take for granted everyday. As our technological culture advances, those in society who cannot keep up financially will continue to utilize libraries, which can.

  2. I agree that technology can definitely help draw teens and those who would not typically visit a library in. I liked how the library that used video games to draw teens in required that they check out at least four items per month. This is forcing them to take a closer look at the resources the library has to offer and hopefully help them develop more of an interest in them.