Monday, February 23, 2009

RACE & PLACE Tracie Hall

“the yellow place”

· anti-theft bars over windows

· library placed between police station and jail

· 2 very small reading rooms

· her grandmother would take her to the library – walk long blocks to get to library

“the white cathedral”

· beanbags and soft chairs, inviting atmosphere

· multiracial library staff

· much nicer facility

social and community changes that prompted Hall’s visit to white cathedral

· pro-integration

· post Brown vs. Board of Education

barriers to Hall’s access to white cathedral

· distance

· yellow palace was considered “her” library because it was easily accessible and in her hometown

who was Hall’s audience? I think library workers and anyone working on new library plans for insight on what community members think of libraries and how they can actually divide a community instead of integrating it

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