Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In the article, "Better Together", I liked that Tom Starks, the branch manager at the Humboldt Park Branch, "chose to combine the youth and adult nonfiction sections, since he is sensitive to the fact that adults with a wide range of reading abilites patronize the library." Even though combining these two sections may make it more difficult for librarians to organize and put away books, they are still putting the people first. They want all their visitors to feel as though they have nothing to be ashamed of and that their backround and education don't matter. Thelibrary should be a place where everyone can go and always feel comfortable and welcome not paranoid of what others think of them as they are searching for books. I really appreciate that this branch took the time to do that and hope that more libraries follow by their example.

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  1. I completely agree with everything you've said here. Adults shouldn't be apprehensive to browse a certain section of a library because they are afraid of what others might think. Going further, I think it's also great that youth could be browsing the same section of adults like their mother or father. This idea helps connect the family, and kids no longer have to feel like kids.

    Besides, we all know adults like to read Harry Potter just as much as their children.