Thursday, February 5, 2009


My MIS would be in page 8 of the reading by Putnam "Better Together," it talks about the elderly woman's struggle with the online financial aid form - and how that exemplifies two problems in our society that define the so called 'Digital Divide.' In my opinion, this is very aggravating because technology is being used as a tool to get information. And now, with our world rapidly changing into the online format, people, who are unfamiliar with this technology, are each day more and more far away from this information and learning (since the government assumes that everyone knows how to use computers).
This intensifies the gap already present in our society making the 'have-nots' more vulnerable to find better jobs and improve their well-being while the 'haves' of the population will be even better off in touch with the technology and information culture. Public libraries exist to revert this tendency, however, it does it so in a 'bittersweet' way since it can reinforce these inequalities seen in society, as mentioned in the reading "Race and Place." I do believe though that with the renovation of generations, these racial and social walls start losing their power and libraries will each introduce those who are unfamiliar to the technology era (for free) - being able to lessen the digital divide.

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