Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MIS- Better Together

"The library should be dead or dying, but that is not what is happening at least in Chicago."

I found significance in this sentence because the first part is definitely not true. The number of visitors maybe have decreased, but it's probably because of the extreme advancements in technology. This relates to what was discussed in lecture and throughout the reading. Now, when someone needs to research a topic for a paper, to find directions, to go shopping, to read the news, or just to browse, all of these tasks can be accomplished by using the computer. The computer that many have in their houses or the laptops they carry around.

However, the library is still useful. I know that for my papers and speeches, we need scholarly articles, some of which could be found via internet, but most books cannot be read online. You need to physically go into a library and check out a book or journal. At first, I thought that the professors just wanted to get more work out of us by making us go to the library. (I kind of do still). If libraries were not required, many get their "reliable info" from wikipedia.

Another reason why this sentence grabbed my attention is because it said that this is not the case in Chicago. I live on the southside of Chicago and they are currently rebuilding and expanding the branch library. I am excited to see how it turns out, although I won't be there throughout the school year. No matter how advanced technology gets, the library will always serve as a useful resource that cannot be replaced.

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