Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Midterm Review Sheet

Special features of the Near North Branch Library:
*serves as a bridge between an affluent community called the Gold Coast and a poverty-stricken neighborhood with the name Cabrini Green.
The two main goals of the branch library are to (1) encourage other improvements in Cabrini and (2) to bring together residents of the two neighborhoods who had previously had almost no contact with eachother.
The library intertwined itself with the local schools by offering several after school programs for kids that include play time to homework help. Also, they offer an extensive children's section that is often filled with up to 80 children after the school day is over!

Humbolt branch library is located in an area that is mainly hispanic. Because of this, Humbolt contains a huge selection of hispanic books, magazines, and dvds. The library director also combined the youth section with some adult books to cater to all levels of readers.

Uptown library- offers a diverse language section to cater to the diverse cultures that reside in the uptown area. Also, the library offers language programs to help those who speak English as a second language.

Why is this library a 3rd place- functions as a kind of community center by recognizing regulars and offering fishing poles, etc.

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